Friday, January 8, 2010

First test report from the ugly pot and beautiful Katya

Our first report:
"the main thing I've noticed from my first informal tests is that I've been putting in loaves that are slightly too large, thus the crust gets nice but the bread didn't have large holes in the crumb. i also tipped the loaves out about 10 minutes before done-ness to brown them up. perhaps with a smaller loaf i would just need to remove the cover. handles are a good idea, i think, (mine doesn't have one) for handling fragile vessels."



  1. There is not a handle on the top of that one? That's strange. Does it have a foot you can use to lift? Ideally you should just need to remove the cover and not have to tip the bread out.
    And do try baked beans.

  2. it has a little handle, just kind of a raised button nub, not that easy to get a hold of wearing oven mitts