Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Conversation with Ejo

Ejo: At any rate, I did a second baking using my wheat recipe. I followed your measurements for flour, but still had too much dough. I cooked it about 15 minutes less to see if the bottom would not be almost burnt. The bottom was not burnt, but the inside was slightly under done. It was interesting to compare the taste of the bread cooked in your pot vs the bread I completed the day I started it. The no knead bread had a slightly more sour taste than my sandwich bread. The bread cells in the no knead bread were slightly larger than the sandwich bread. All in all, I enjoyed the flavor and texture of the bread. I would cook it longer next time. I will tweak my measurements and include those next time (as long as they are correct). ejo

Judy: At what temperature are you baking? I was baking at 500, but now find that 450 is better for less burning and more even baking.

You are the only one whose pot does not seem big enough. Can you measure the lid diameter and the height from the bottom inside to the lid flange?

I wonder if you are using a better yeast, hi gluten flour, or just have a warm place to rise, something we do not have this time of year.

I am making more pots with the leftover sculpture clay I used for your baker. Any problems with the clay? I find it uncomfortably groggy to work with, so I won't end up using it. It crumbles in the drying so I have lost a few.

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  1. Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. Lid diameter is 71/2 and the height is 3 inches. I am cooking at 450. I think the outside temperature has been affecting the dough. My last 2 batches were made on colder grayer days. The dough fit the pot just fine. I am still finding your rye bread to be the one that works best.