Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Name that baker

Joan and I held an impromptu focus group about the selling phase of these pots with Ellen, Libby, Robbie, and Zach. We talked about the name? Do you have the perfect name in your mind? What should these be named? Branded as? Any thoughts? Some like Motzpots, some find it silly sounding or unprofessional.
Earth-Hand-Grain? Bread Bearer? Hand Made Bread Baker?
Talk among yourselves. New pots are nearly ready for sale.


  1. I'm excited that they're almost ready. I want to see what they look like; I'm assuming the red clay. Personally, I like Motzpots....but maybe that's because I know you, Judy. More professional sounding might be better. Hand Made Bread Baker might be fine with people eventually just referring to them as their "bread bakers". I'm curious about how you're going to market them, to whom and at what cost.

  2. i agree with Rona about liking "Motzpots" because we know you. i think it might be a little too kitchy, cutesy.
    i like "Bread Pot".
    And i'm very excited about being part of the team and will help sell!

  3. I am liking the breadbird name. Maybe because the white pot is birdlike. Maybe a small sculpted bird on the lid. Or is that too Alessi?
    I think what ever you choose, bread should be in the title.

  4. Think about the general public and hwo the name will affect them. Think marketing.

    If you heard "Breadbird" would you know what it was?

    If you heard "Motzpot" would you know?

    If you heard "Breadpot" what would you think?


    what about "BreadBaker"?