Monday, February 1, 2010


My little baker daughter was visiting this weekend and I already had this dough rising. The ingredients were 2c. white flour (bread), 1/2 c. rolled oats, 1/2 c. whole wheat berries, 1.5 tsp salt. the usual H2O, double the usual yeast...
This time, the bread came out very good tasting, a bit wet inside and the crust not so crusty. Here are pictures.
Sorry to say that the bread stuck to the sides again and was not so easy to remove. It seems that unless I really powder it up (with something flour-y) on the outside, the bread sticks. I wonder if there was some way I could have proofed the pot??


  1. I am thinking of adding a terra sigillata slip to the inside. Maybe an oil proofing will help. I would like to see that pot, Joan, and refire it perhaps.

  2. I washed it this time, to get out the burnt stuff. Previously, I hadn't washed it. Aren't you coming to visit me this month? I will hold the pot hostage until then. I think, if possible, I would prefer a non-glazed (even terra sig) inside if possible. Maybe a refiring?
    SHould I refrain from washing?

  3. Does yours have glaze inside? Oh my, I am getting confused. Rona uses semolina or corn meal to prevent sticking. I use corn meal or flour. Don't refrain from washing. I just need to know. Keep baking. I remember that the first and heaviest bread I made was an attempt at honey wheat berry bread at Sperry, with Bryan as guide. No store-boughten for us!