Monday, February 15, 2010

Rye Bread

my dough is in the final 2 hour resting stage. It is VERY sticky. i just realized that i made no adjustments in any of my breads for high altitude (i'm at 7500 ft!)
i will send pictures and a review in a few hours.


  1. OMG!!!! i am going to email the pix to Judy so she can put them up here.
    i just had a steaming hot slice of fresh rye with a crusty crust and seeds thruoughout.
    here's what i am learning about the BreadPot and the Slow Cook method.
    ANYONE can do it!! i am not a seasoned bread baker but have baked breads and love doing it. i am so confident with this method and with the pot.
    i feel so Earth connected!!
    A friend is coming for dinner tonight and i can't wait to share it with him. my Grandma Peggy's chicken soup, matzah balls and homemade rye bread!

  2. Oh yes ... after the first rise (20 hours) when i took it out for the second rise it was so gluey i didn't think anything would come out. This time i wrapped it in a cotton towel. i put flour on the cloth. When i opened it up 2 hours later, as you can see in the picture, it was all sticky. i almost aborted the loaf but thought, "Let's see what happens." i let go of needing everything to be perfect and trusted the "perfect" process of the ingredients.
    So, i pulled the gluey lump from the clean, cotton cloth and dumped it into the now hot Bread Pot.
    The rest is history!!
    i am inspired even more!

  3. PS - i did put cornmeal on the bottom of the pot but the SIDES still stick! Any suggestions?