Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Try

finally got to the bread baking.
I used the trusty rye recipe (2c. white flour, 1 c. rye)
The dough was wetter than I remember and I lost a fair amount in the saran wrap.
Dough rose for 19 hours and then 2 hours.
The bread stuck a bit to one side but was easily pried off.
The loaf was a pleasing shape.
I served it on an appetizer plate with cheese, etc. and everyone commented on the bread, even those who had no idea I made it.
The texture was great and the crust perfect.
I still like bigger loaves (greedy, I know, but why not after all that waiting and rising?)
Would have appreciated handles.
Agree with other posters re: recipe on lid (mine doesn't have it) including oven temp - but in very clear print (maybe a template?)
All in all, a smashing success.


  1. very pretty, mama. I'm not getting that really open crumb...which I remember was a feature of most of my no-knead breads in the past. I wondered if it had something to do with the lesser conductivity of ceramic vs. cast iron, but maybe it's just my formulae...I'll try a basic and see what i get, and promise to post a crumb shot next time. Judy, do you mind if I cross post to my blog?

  2. Katya, I don't mind.
    Joan, thanks. Yes, handles are a must, on lid and body. I am concerned about the burning and sticking. Did it clean up okay?

  3. Think about the size loaf you would like. In cups of flour.

  4. I have had the problem of losing dough to sticky plastic covering. I now make sure I have a coat of flour on the rising dough.

  5. Can you explain when your dough comes in contact with the plastic?? I must be doing things differently- I cover the bowl itself in plastic, but I don't lose any dough in the transfer process. Also, I often use a spatula to sort of knead the dough while it is still in it's initial bowl. THen I turn it onto a coated cotton towel, cover, let it rest and when my pot and oven are at 450, I transfer to the baking pot. How do you do it?

  6. It was during the second rise. I laid plastic over it instead of a towel and let it go too long, then the plastic stuck to sticky dough.
    Your way is better. The towel helps to lift it too.