Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30 - Bread with nuts, seeds and rasins

Working on my second loaf. This one has added nuts (walnuts and pecans), seeds and raisins.
This time i didn't put the dough in the fridge to rest as i did last time. And, it tripled in size!
i will attempt to post ictures. When i took the bread out after the 30 minutes of baking the top was sealed onto the bottom. It took alot of trying to pry the top off. with it came some of the bread. So, i managed to get what was stuck to the top and "paste" it onto the bottom! i'm not sure what caused this. i did use 1 cup of a flour that i'm not sure what! Might have been a whole wheat flour. So, i used 2 C of AP and 1 C of the mystery flour.
i did put corn meal on the bottom of the bread pot and this time the loaf came out easily. Stuck to the sides just a little bit.
i'm eating my first peace. Awesome.

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  1. THis so so crusty and tasty!! I want to come to New Mexico just to try it!