Saturday, January 23, 2010

Joan's second try

Hi all,
With more pictures than you could ever want, I tell the tale of loaf #2.
Not much of a tale, actually.
Dough less wet. I put the saran wrap on top of bowl, instead of on dough - much better!
Put more flour when I laid it out...thus a flour-y finish.
I baked it at 450 rather than 500 degrees - it had a softer crust and a denser interior. Used exact same flour, water,yeast,etc. but think I forgot the salt!!!
Good for sandwiches, did not stick to pot, liked the first loaf better.

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  1. Joan. I was having a problem with getting the baked bread out of my pot. Instead of flour I lay the wet dough on semolina that I've sprinkled on the counter(I but the semolina in an Indian grocery store-very inexpensive). This last baking I used more semolina than before and the bread came out of the baker very easily.