Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rona got her pot

 I got this message on facebook today from Rona:
Hi Judy. I received the pot today and have the dough rising. Do I send you messages directly or do you want me to post on the blog? I am almost embarrassed to say that I wasn't sure if I should let the dough rise in the pot. Before I received it I was SURE that I was going to do the rising and the baking in it. Then, when I looked at the recipe you sent, I had second thoughts. However, I finally decided to rise in the pot; that just feels right. I love the look of the pot on my counter, knowing what's happening inside of it. I guess that I might(not sure) have to clean out the pot before the baking. Also, I decided to use the recipe inside of your lid...not the one in the NYT. Next time I might try that one. I will take pictures and keep you posted; just want to know about how you want us to use the blog. Bakers Gone Wild! Love it. Rona

I don't mix or rise the dough in the baker, but go ahead and let us know how it goes. Definitely clean it before baking. Since you have to heat the pot in the oven to 500 before baking, if it is not clean it will burn the gunk on. I will also set you up to directly to post here soon. And, my mom says hello.


  1. I've had it rise once or twice in the baker--it cleaned out pretty well, but the inside of my baker is glazed. Small buckwheat loaf posting ASAP.

  2. The pot is heating in the oven right now. It cleaned out fairly easily, but certainly if it was glazed inside it would have been easier. I felt the lack of glaze smoothness when I initially stirred the ingredients also; my spoon was scraping the pot. I think that I'll probably not use it the next time for the rising, but I have to say that I did enjoy using it, peeking at it as it rose in the covered pot. I almost wish that I had two of them, one for the rising and one for the baking. The pot for rising could be glazed and the baking pot unglazed.